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Blockchain voting is here

Online Voting

We stand on the edge of a new era for democracy

Never before has it been possible to cast a vote in a local election, anywhere in the world from the convenience of your smartphone.

That is all about to change!

What hurdles are there to overcome?


A citizens vote must be protected from hackers and even the government itself.


All citizens must have the right to keep their vote anonymous.


No citizen should be able to be threatened or bribed into changing their vote.

votechain's unique offering

We solve the problems associated with online voting

Hacking attacks happen every day, but even hackers trust the blockchain.  VoteChain utilizes the same technologies that keep bitcoin and protonmail secure so that you can feel confident that your vote will always count.

Every person who lives in a free and democratic society should have the right to cast their vote in secrecy.  The blockchain technologies VoteChain has developed ensure your vote will always remain anonymous.

VoteChain has developed a new way to cast a vote from a smartphone that makes it virtually impossible for a voter to be bribed or coerced.  Our new technique simultaneously allows a voter to stay anonymous while still being able to check their vote under controlled circumstances.

Blockchain technology

Why Blockchain?

The blockchain is essentially a digital ledger that stores information in blocks on multiple computers and is verified using advanced computer algorithms and cryptology.  This makes it virtually impossible to hack and also has an added benefit of anonymity built into the design.

You can trust a voting system with blockchain technology because there is no centralized power who can control or change the votes recorded to the ledger.  All votes are also publicly verifiable allowing anyone in the world to count all of the votes recorded to the blockchain ledger.  

With an added layer of anonymity, every vote should have a unique identifier but would not be traceable back to the voter without their unique password.

“The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.”

- Don & Alex Tapscott, authors Blockchain Revolution (2016)

Votechain's Timeline

Phases of the Project

Phase 1: Investment

May 1, 2019

First round of investment.

Phase 2: Prototype

July 1, 2019

Build a fully functional live prototype of the voting app. Timeframe: 5 months

Phase 3: Testing

December 1, 2019

Deploy prototype to app stores. A/B Test user interface and user experience in pilot markets including local, organizational and university elections.

Phase 4: New Technologies

January 1, 2020

Begin to convert prototype into fully functioning blockchain app. Develop frameworks to implement white paper specifications. timeframe: 12 months

Phase 5: Marketing

April 1, 2020

Launch of marketing campaign to acquire users. Initial target of $2 per installation. Goal of campaign: Seed the virality of the app until the viral coefficient is greater then 1.

Phase 6: Liquid Democracy

August 1, 2020

Expand app to include liquid democracy to the word level and Wikimedia integration. Timeframe: 24-48 months

US Presidential Election

November 3, 2020

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