Problems associated with online voting

What hurdles are there to overcome?


A citizens vote must be protected from hackers and even from bad actors within the governement.


All citizens must have the right to keep their vote anonymous.


No citizen should be able to be threatened or bribed into changing their vote.

votechain's unique offering

We solve the problems associated with online voting

Hacking attacks happen every day, but even hackers trust the blockchain.  Votechain utilizes the same technologies that keep bitcoin and protonmail secure so that you can feel confident that your vote will always count.

Every person who lives in a free and democratic society should have the right to cast their vote in secrecy.  The blockchain technologies developed by Votechain ensure your vote will always remain anonymous.

Votechain has developed a new way to cast a vote from a smartphone that makes it virtually impossible for a voter to be bribed or coerced ensuring every voter's right to a "secret ballot".  Our new technique simultaneously allows a voter to stay anonymous while still being able to check their vote under controlled circumstances.